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Foreigners in Tunisia

The employment of foreigners in Tunisia is subject to several formalities:
- Contracts are prepared by the Tunisian Employment Agency according to a predetermined form that includes the agency's approval for the recruitment of foreign workers in Tunisia.
- The hiring of a foreign worker in Tunisia is generally done for a specific year, renewable only once (although it may be renewed more than once), and must be endorsed by the Foreign Labor Department of the Ministry of Employment.
- Hiring a foreign employee in Tunisia without the approval of the Ministry of Employment is considered null and void.
- Foreigners who wish to engage in salaried work must have an employment contract and a residence card indicating "authorized to work in Tunisia."
- They can only be hired if no Tunisian with the same qualifications and matching profile has applied for the job.
- It is the employer who handles the procedures (and sometimes hesitates due to the complexity involved).
- French nationals can access the Tunisian civil service: public enterprises.
French spouses of Tunisians
Under the bilateral agreement, French nationals have the right to work in Tunisia on indefinitely renewable contracts, even if their right to work is not stated on their residence cards.
Free zones (companies under the 1972 law)
Export-oriented companies can employ special, indefinitely renewable fixed-term contracts without prior approval from the Ministry of Labor. These contracts also apply to Tunisian employees. (This law meets the flexibility needs of these companies)
"Local contracts"
Foreign companies in Tunisia.

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