Law Firm in Tunisia

  • Creation of Tunisian and foreign companies, partially or totally exporters, inland or offshore. Our law firm is oriented to Tunisian and international enterprises enabling them with legal assistance from counselling, consultation, as well as arbitration and legal representation before tribunals. .
  • Constitution, modification of companies status, follow-up, preparation of contracts, leasing contracts (real-estate, commercial lease) .)
  • Commercial law : Commercial contracts, commercial disputes in courts, tax dispute, fiscal …
  • control and arrears, tax approval .
  • Global Project financing .
  • Mr Sofiene Benslama has an experience in this field. He would assist you as a lawyer counsellor as well as an arbitrator.
  • Social plans, employer employee disputes (prevention, litigation..).
  • Negotiating and producing contracts related to the use or supply of software (licences of use, development contracts, transfer, distribution, maintenance …), data-processing project management and all steps and requests for authorisations related to IT, media, entertainment, communication, data privacy protection policy, domain name laws.
  • Counterfeit actions, Negotiation and preparation of contracts for intellectual property rights registration.
  • Registration of trademarks and representation before institutions in charge of trademarks.
  • Legal representation of defendants in all civil matters …
  • Seizure on real estates 
  • Our law firm will assist and represent you in all legal steps.
  • Assistance, negotiation of public and private markets .
  • Urbanisation and construction law.
  • Benslama Law Firm provides assistance, counselling, representation and creation of enterprises, and local institutions such as hospitals, local mixed economy companies and partner associations with local institutions, in any public law and public finances branch.
  • Mr Sabri Benslama is the first jurist in Tunisia post-graduate in human rights and democratisation from the faculty of laws,university ofMalta, given that this specialty has became available as an M.A. degree in Tunisia only recently.